List of Famous People Who Claimed Bankruptcy

Do not be embarrassed by financial problems. Many well-known and later successful individuals have filed for protection from creditors.

Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the United States
John James, Audubon Illustrated Birds of America
P.T. Barnum, The Great American Circus Owner
John Barrymore, Actor: Romeo and Juliet
Kim Basinger, Oscar Winning Actress
Melvin Belli, Famous Lawyer known as “The King of Torts”
John Wayne Bobbitt, Penectomy survivor
Bjorn Borg, Pro Tennis Player
Matthew Brady, portrait/US Civil War photographer (1872)
Lenny Bruce, Comic
Buffalo Bill, Wild West showman
Gary Burghoff, Radar O’Reilly in M.A.S.H.
Anita Bryant Singer, 1958 Miss America 2nd runner up (1997)
Nell Carter Actress; Housekeeper on Gimme a Break
Samuel L. Clemens, (“Mark Twain”) Best selling American author – humorist (1894)
Natalie Cole, Singer
Gary Coleman, Actor (1999)
John Connally, Former Texas Governor, wounded in 1963 Kennedy assassination in Dallas (1987)
Francis Ford Coppola, Oscar winning film writer, director, producer (1999)
Cathy Lee Crosby, Actress-American Author (1992)
David Crosby, Singer/Songwriter
Vic Damone, Singer (1971)
Daniel Defoe, Author; Robinson Crusoe
John DeLorean, Automobile designer and entrepreneur
Walt Disney, Oscar winning film producer, animation and theme park pioneer (1923)
William C. Durant, Founder of General Motors
Freddy Fender, Musician; Before the Next Teardrop Falls
Red Foxx Actor, Entertainer
Zsa Zsa Gabor, Cop-slapping Gabor sister
Marvin Gaye, Singer (1970’s)
Charles Goodyear, 19th century American inventor who discovered how to vulcanize rubber
Ulysses S. Grant, 18th US President, Civil War General, best-selling American Author
Merle Haggard, Country Music Star (1993)
Dorothy Hamill, Olympic gold-medal ice skater (1996)
M.C. Hammer, Rock Star (1996)
George Frideric Handel, Messiah composer
Sherman Hemsley, Actor (2002)
Milton Snavely, Founder of Hershey’s chocolate
E. Howard Hunt, Coordinated Watergate break-in
Nelson Bunder Hunt, Tried to corner the silver market
La Toya Jackson, Rock Star (1995)
Don Johnson, Actor, producer
George Jones, Country singer
Buster Keaton, Actor, The General
Margot Kidder, Lois Lane in Superman movie
Larry King, Talk show host, best selling American author (1978)
Bowie Kuhn, Former US baseball commissioner
Veronica Lake, Actress (1951)
Cyndi Lauper, Rock Star (1983)
Jerry Lewis, Comic
Jerry Lee Lewis, Famous Rock ‘n Roll Star
Meat Loaf, Rock Star (1983)
Jackie Mason, Comedian, Entertainer
F. Donald Nixon, Former President Nixon’s brother
Thomas Paine, Common Sense Activist
Gaylord Perry, Baseball Player
Philip II, King of Spain, 1556-1598
Buddy Post, Lottery Millionaire
Randy Quaid, Actor
Lynn Redgrave, Actress
Rembrandt, Painter
Burt Reynolds, Oscar nominated actor, director, American Author (1995)
Debbie Reynolds, Oscar nominated actress, singer, American Author (1907)
Mickey Rooney, Oscar nominated actor, American Author (1962)
Anna Nicole Smith, Model, actress, 1993 Playboy magazine “Playmate of the Year” (1996)
Leon Spinks, Boxer
J. Fife Symington, Governor of Arizona (1995, while still in office)
Lawrence Taylor, NFL Hall of famer
Randall Terry, Operation Rescue founder
Donald Trump, Billionaire entrepreneur
Mark Twain, Author of Huckleberry Finn
Mike Tyson, Boxer (2003)
Johnny Unitas, Legendary Hall of Fame football quarterback
Oscar Wilde, Acclaimed poet and author
James Wilson, U.S. Supreme Court Justice 1789-1798