Situations that Call for an Update to Your Will and TestamentThe purpose of a will and testament is to ensure that your assets are taken care of and distributed according to your wishes after your death. While you may believe that once you have a will, you don’t need to ever look at it again, think again. There are certain situations where it may be beneficial to update this document.

Sometimes, family members get angry at one another and threaten to write someone out of their will and testament. If you were in a dispute with someone who is currently in your will, take some time to clear your head and make sure that this decision is warranted and not purely emotional. In addition to personal feelings, there are also certain events that may require a change in your will. These include:

  • If you get married, have a child, or adopt a child
  • If your spouse or one of your dependents passes away
  • If you or someone else named in your will gets divorced
  • If your estate experiences a drastic change in its value

When any of these events occur, or if you just want to edit your will and testament for personal reasons, there are two ways in which you can accomplish this. This first involves getting rid of your current will and then drafting an entire new one. Or, you can change or delete certain parts of your will that no longer apply. However, when you make alterations to your will, make sure that an attorney assists you so that the changes are permanent and legally binding.


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