Five Tips for a Trouble-Free Real Estate ClosingIn an ideal world, going to a real estate closing should be a simple process where the homebuyer and seller sign a few documents, exchange checks and keys, shake hands, and go home. Unfortunately, it’s rare that it’s ever this easy. In order to ensure that your real estate closing goes smoothly:

  1. Communicate and ask questions. Talk with all of the people involved in the real estate closing process about a week before the closing date to ensure that you’re all on the same page.
  2. Expect some human error. Be prepared that one person may make a mistake before the real estate closing that may affect or delay the transaction. Try to keep your cool and remember that you can resolve whatever issue is at hand.
  3. Review all the loan documents well in advance. One way to make sure that everything goes smoothly is to have your attorney review all of the crucial documents to check for errors.
  4. Bring a check. Before you go to close, don’t forget to bring a check for the amount that the loan documents specified.
  5. Take the day off work. Although a closing where everything is in order should only take about 30 minutes, you never know what might happen until you go. If you can, try to take the day off and clear your schedule of any obligations.

While these five tips can all help you ensure that your real estate closing appointment is painless, one of the best ways to make sure everything goes like it should is to hire an attorney who can attend the closing with you. Contact us at Leonard and Moore, PLLC if you need legal assistance with a real estate closing in Asheville, NC.